Curb your cravings – made easy!

How to curb them cravings


So you’ve been dieting for a few weeks now and it’s been going great but you feel your willpower slipping. Each day the temptation to eat more than you should gets more difficult to hold back from.

We have all been there, so I know how brutal it can be but luckily I have compiled a list that can make it so effortless for those days where you’ve had your candy, ice-cream or pizza but you really wished you had a bar of chocolate.


Cadbury Highlights – 40 cals per 11 grams that’s about 2 tea spoons –  have a hot chocolate drink


£3.50 at any superstore

cadbury highlights.jpg


Mix it in your greek yogurt for chocolate pudding or freeze for ice-cream and if that don’t do it then mix it with milk for a tasty chocolate milkshake.




PB2 powder peanut butter

45 calories for 2 tablespoons – sweet deal


I love peanut butter but I hate wasting my calories and fat macros for marginal amounts so with some googling I discovered this gem. £5 on Amazon and an absolute life saver.


Chocolate peanut butter is my favourite thing in the world, it’s not Reese’s but it is damn close enough



Walden Farms pancake syrup/mocha/chocolate

walden farms pancake syrup.png

0 calories and £5 a bottle off Amazon



Asda good & counted chocolate frozen yogurt – 420 calories per tub and only £2

good and counted.jpg

And it has 20 grams of protein.



Waitrose Belgian chocolate frozen yogurt – 370 calories and £3

belgian choc.jpg


Chewitts stick – 120 calories and 60p –  a good way of curbing cravings and not going over calories




£1.89 for an 85g pack that only has 370 calories, they are incredibly filling and satisfying.




£1.59 and 389 calories and there so many more flavours.

propercorn_all packs.jpg


Carte D’or Light Vanilla Ice-Cream

630 calories for a 900ml tub! Usually on offer for £2

cart dor light.jpg

I hope this helps in curbing your cravings because let’s face it we are all human. Best of luck.





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