How to lose belly fat

Lose belly fat fast


You’re sitting there watching your favourite TV show and boom that’s when it hits you. The lead actor enters the scene shredded and lean. Suddenly, you start to feel self conscious about yourself. A sudden rush of motivation floods through.

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You buy a gym membership, you hop on the treadmill, run your heart out thinking that with every step you take, you get a little closer to being that guy. To follow, you start doing your crunches, sit ups and anything else you can think of to target your abdominals.


You go home covered in sweat, satisfied and hungry for the end product. You wake up the next day and feel sore all over your body and in particular, your abs. This strikes a chord with you and only makes you push harder. You continue to do this for a few weeks and eventually begin to realise that vision you had of being lean is slowly beginning to fade.

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Your motivation dissipates; you discontinue all activity resuming all your old bad habits. You start eating more because you possibly ate some brutal diet that provided you with nothing but a bad relationship with food.


Another year passes by and thus the cycle continues…sound familiar?

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The reason why all those crunches did nothing was because abs are made in the kitchen. I bet you’ve heard that somewhere.


The reality is you have to reduce belly fat in order to reveal your abs. You do this by eating less. It is as simple as that. No amount of cardio, crunches, pills and juice cleansers will reveal your abs.

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Simply, you need to put yourself in an energy restricted state also known as caloric restriction. For the most part, all you need to know is it is calories ‘in’ vs calories ‘out’.


I have linked an earlier post on how to work out your calories.


Until next time.




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