Champneys Body Butters Review

Champneys Distant Shores Body Butter & Champneys Citrus Blush Body Butter

So, I purchased these body butters a little while ago and thought I’d give them a try. Now, I’m one of those people who love the smell of body butters and the packaging and then when it comes to using it regularly, I can get a teeny bit lazy. But, not with these 2.

The Distant Shores one smells wonderful and has a sweet fruity fragrance of tropical fruit and mangoes. The Citrus Blush also smells quite sweet but has a proper citrusy scent.

The body butters themselves are thick in texture so a small dollop will go a long way. My skin was thoroughly moisturised when I applied it and it really does smell as if you’ve travelled to a distant shore.

The butter is hydrating and even after water has run over your skin, some of the cream remains leaving your skin smooth, unlike some creams where after water runs over your skin it becomes somewhat dry again.

If, like me, you sometimes get lazy or forget to apply it because it’s on your shelf, or even because you’ve already gotten dressed after your shower so don’t want to get stains on it, here’s a tip: leave it in the bathroom so the minute you come out of the bath/shower and dry yourself off, it’s already in front of you ready to apply before you get dressed. And it’s also readily absorbed so no need to wait until it’s dry, unlike some body butters that can leave your skin greasy.

I bought mine from Boots when they were both on offer for £5 each as usually they are quite pricey. I believe the body butters are usually £10 each so essentially I got 2 for the price of 1, but they are huge tubs so will last a long time! Not to mention, they come in a tub as opposed to a bottle so you can scrape every last bit – good value for money! It seems like Boots have now stopped doing these 2 butters unfortunately, however, you can still find them on Amazon or eBay:

Distant Shores : Amazon and Ebay

Citrus Blush: Amazon and Ebay

Can’t wait to try more from the Champneys range 🙂



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