Why after 12 weeks I’m not as ripped as that guy?

We all lose fat at different rates.


Why after 12 weeks I don’t look like that guy?


So you’re looking in the mirror and although you’ve been following a plan, it’s not quite going as well as you had hoped. I mean you’re down 15lbs and gains have been made, by all means it’s going great.




You thought you’d be shredded, visible definition, you’re ultimate form. (moment of silence for this legend); after all, the plan you followed is exactly the same as his plan and for the exact amount of time, perhaps even longer. You just don’t get it, doubts begin to seep in, you start thinking you may never get there.

The master – Zyzz

In this article I am going to explain why your cut isn’t going as great as you had initially hoped.



You weren’t realistic…


What do I mean? Well that guy in the 12 week transformation picture had more muscle than you, perhaps even had been training some time and just didn’t know how to lose body fat.



You had more fat to lose…


That guy was probably only 10-12 lbs away from his goal body weight whereas you were 25 lbs away from your starting point.

He had more fat to lose.


Height – weight ratio


You’re 5’9 and have only started training, your goal bodyweight would probably be around 148 lbs whereas that guy is 6’0 and had to only cut to 160 lbs.



Genetics/body type…

Body types – PitchVision

We all hold our fat in different places and our bodies are so unique that we lose body fat in different places.


For e.g. that guy probably lost it all on his body but not so much in other places, say his legs or his face. The first place your body stores fat is usually the last to go.


You will begin to notice where you lose fat and be able to monitor how you look.


For e.g. my lower body loses it first, then my face thins out, chest, waist and then my abs start to come in top left two, then the top right two and then after a few more weeks my bottom abs and love handles go down because there really isn’t any other place for my body to tap into.


And finally…



The slow and steady approach is the best, don’t get too caught up in what will come to pass. Focus on the present, enjoy the process and watch not only your body transform but your mind too. If you get too caught up in chasing your final destination you may never get there because you may be too drastic in cutting your calories or doing more cardio and making the entire journey more miserable and gruelling. Only causing you to binge and screwing up progress.


That’s all folks…




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