How to hit fibre goals with ease…

Hitting fibre, made easy.


How to hit fibre goals


If, like me, you struggle to get a solid amount of fibre, then read on…


So you have just woken up, you’ve crawled to the toilet, sat down and nothing, zilch, nada.

You’re not quite sure what is up but you’re hellbent on getting your next low weight. After all, you do usually drop weight around this time of the week, sound like you? Read on…

weigh scale

That low weigh-in doesn’t come. You check your log, review what you ate and bang there it is, hiding in plain sight. Your fibre intake was way too low yesterday. As a rule of thumb, for every 1000 calories, you should consume 10 grams of fiber.


I have compiled a list of my favourite go-to foods high in fibre that I incorporate into my diet on a daily basis.


#1 Popcorn – Favourite brand Propercorn


My favourite flavour is Fiery Worcester sauce, it’s low in calories – roughly around 400 calories for a big packet and has 12 grams of fibre, I mean come on, 12 grams! – this is for an 80g packet.


You can find them at most superstores. Tesco Express typically sell the smaller packets that yield around 100 calories give or take.


#2 Burgen Soya And Linseed Bread 800G – £1.25 – 5 grams of fibre per slice also has 6.7 grams of protein.

burgen soya

Typically found in Tesco, tastes great and if you have 4 slices of bread, you’ve already got 20 grams of fibre.


#3 Chicken Quorn – £2.79 – 100 grams has 6.9 grams of fibre and 13.8 grams of protein.

 chicken quorn

Whether you boil it or fry it, it tastes great. Add some seasoning for a peri peri chicken alternative. Even if you don’t, it still tastes great. So easy to hit fibre and protein goals.


#4 Baked Beans – In all it’s glory – 4-6 pack costs between £2-3.00 half a can has 175 calories, 7.6 grams of fibre and 9.8 grams of Protein


Can be found anywhere.


#5 KTC Spinach puree – 800g – 0.75p – 100 grams = 34 calories – 3.4 grams of fibre and 3.5 grams of protein.

ktc spinach puree

I buy it from Asda. The tin is huge so you get tons of volume, especially during a cut this helps so much and has a decent amount of protein. So you get a big bang for your buck.


I boil it and then pour it all over my meal. The taste is incredible.


#6 Fruit – an apple is 40p – 70-80 calories – 2.4 grams of fibre and a pound for a pack –

gala apples

One of your five a day, need I say more?


#7  Kelloggs All-Bran Cereal – 500G – £2.09 – 40 grams has 134 calories and 11 grams of fibre and as an added bonus you get 5.6 grams of protein.

fibre all bran

However, if you’re on that budget life, regular bran flakes is usually under £1.00 – 30 grams has 109 calories and has around 4 grams of fibre with 3.6 grams of protein.


#8 Vegetables – frozen vegetables are usually a pound; in Lidl they are 0.89p. 3-4grams of fibre per serving.

vegetable medley

I fry my vegetables and season them so they taste amazing, some melted low fat cheese, a bit of barbeque sauce, in a tortilla, say no more.


#9 Kanpur chapatti garden – under £1.00 from Lidl – 123 calories,  3.7 grams of fibre and protein.


Melt some cheese, add some eggs, meat or whatever the hell you like and it’ll be the most satisfying thing ever.


#10   T.Cont 74% Plain Chocolate Bar – 100G – £1.00 – 561 calories – 12.7 grams of fibre

tesco dark choc

Dark chocolate is not for everyone but for those of us that prefer dark chocolate over milk. This is amazing.


#11 Lidl Protein Rolls – 39p – 14.3 grams fibre – 30 grams of protein

Tastes amazing, high in protein, high in fibre and so filling.

lidl protein roll

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