The best tasting protein bars…

I think the worst thing in the world is seeing a protein bar flavoured cookies & cream when in actual fact it tastes like sprinkled cinnamon on cardboard.


Falling into that trap is the worst thing, one that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It does nothing for your cravings, then you walk around thinking I’ve just wasted my money and calories on something that has done nothing for me other than buying something that will satisfy me and let’s face it, who wants to waste their calories on a limited budget as it is.


On that note, let’s do this!


#1 Quest bar – Cookies & Cream is my number 1 – 190 calories – 21g protein – £2.99


Tastes amazing and if you microwave it beforehand, I promise you won’t regret it.


#2  Grenade carb killa – White chocolate – 215 calories – 22.4g protein

white choc

You can buy this in Holland & Barrett – £2.50


It melts in your mouth, it’s imperative that you take your time with it, don’t get all caught up in the moment. Every bite counts with this bar.


#3 USN chocolate ice cream bar – 300 calories – 24g protein – £2.99


Every company now does their own version of chocolate flavoured protein bars. Some are alright and some just taste like a rubber covered in Walden Farms chocolate syrup. This bar however, in my opinion is the best chocolate flavoured bar

choc icecream protein bar

Available in Holland & Barrett


#4 Superdrug white chocolate & Raspberry – 225 calories – 14g protein – £1.50-£2.00


For me, the perfect protein bar not only has to taste great but it also has to be satisfying. The problem with some bars is that they are too soft so you rarely get to enjoy the bar to its fullest.

white choc ras

This bar has a 10/10 chewy factor and it tastes amazing. I bought 3 of them, lol.


#5 Superdrug Chocolate peanut butter – 264 calories – 19g protein – £1.50-£2.00


Because who doesn’t like chocolate and peanut butter?

superdrug choc pean

Often companies try to combine these products in order to emulate Ben & Jerry’s and Reese’s. I can tell you now, Superdrug pulled it off.


#6 Syntha 6 – chocolate fudge – 300 calories – 30g protein – £3.50


Simply amazing, sometimes you can get them on offer at Holland & Barrett. The taste is on point, chewy factor 10/10 and when on offer it’s a win win.

syntha 6

#7 Sci Mx double chocolate cookie – 304 calories – 20g protein – £2.00


Although not a bar, this is a fine alternative to Lenny & Larry’s cookie. You can buy this at Superdrug. I found it in the Cutty Sark, London branch. It’s £2.00 and has 300 calories and it is also very satisfying.

superdrug cookie

#8 Precision Engineered chocolate chip flapjack – 291 calories – 23g protein – £1.79


Because why not? Now, out of all the Precision Engineered range, this is my favourite. The rest simply aren’t enjoyable because they are rock solid. Who eats bricks man?

precision engineered

From Holland & Barrett


Taste – 6/10 and chewy factor – 8/10. Chewy factor makes it worth getting. Usually on offer at H&B and cheap protein on the go.



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