How to eat a tub of cookie dough ice cream whilst dieting.

How to eat tubs without getting fat.


If, like me, you don’t like weighing out how much ice cream you can have because that inner fat boy could never be satisfied with such small portions, then read on…


You see, I’ve cut many times and as a result I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. For example, I know I crave ice cream but I don’t crave those additional calories. I want cookie dough ice cream but I know a Ben & Jerry’s 500ml tub has 1150 calories and I know it won’t satisfy because I know all I’ll have is a small portion of calories to get in some protein.


Low fat vanilla ice cream like Carte D’or doesn’t please me whatsoever, it’s too plain.

cart dor light

In addition, a tub of Ben & Jerry’s has all my dietary fat in a tub. I could calorically make it work but from a macronutrient standpoint that’s where the hiccup is.


That’s where the issue lies….


You see it wasn’t a case of fitting it into my macros or calories or even saving it for a refeed day. I wanted to find a way of being able to eat it everyday whilst still having a ton of calories/macros to eat whatever I wanted.


Some may argue, learn to control yourself. If that is you, there is a red x in the corner of the screen, go click on it. This is for my brothers and sisters that have binge tendencies, we’ve never been that kind. Learning this method has changed my view of dieting and ice cream.


You see, when I only followed macros I always craved more fat macros, why? Because I wanted to be able to eat Ben & Jerry’s and still have macros left over.


Now, as I WAS saying, ice cream fills me, it makes me happy and it satisfies me especially when I know I can eat more later. Again, not talking about portion control,I’m talking about calorie control.


I have compiled a list of lower calorie ice cream tubs that include all our favourite flavours that friends over at Ben & Jerry’s make.


Each tub has roughly around 36-40 grams of dietary fat. Half the fat, but all the flavour.

My Alternatives:

# The Tesco Range

#1 Tesco – Cookie Dough – £2.00 – 480 ml – 720 Kcal

Tastes just like Ben and Jerry’s, it only has 720 calories and it is only £2.00 year round. The key is “Partially reconstituted skimmed milk powder”, this is what brings the caloric value down. I always look for this first because if it isn’t there, chances are it calorically will be too expensive.

cookie dough tesco

#2 Tesco – Peanut Caramel  – £2.00 – 480ml – 705 Kcal – 36g of fat for the tub.  

tesco peanut

Amazing, you must try. Peanut butter cup can’t compare to this sensation. This is for the homies that love peanut butter and want to incorporate it into their diet daily.


#3 Tesco – Caramel Shortcake – £2.00 – 480ml – 758 Kcal

caramel icecream

Hardly any difference


#4 Tesco – Chewy Caramel – £2.00 – 480ml – 672 Kcal

chewy caramel

This is a premium ice cream, only saw it once. It may be in your area. One of the best and calorically speaking the 2nd lowest.

choc brownie icecream

#5 Tesco – Chocolate Fudge Brownie – £2.00 – 480ml – 729 Kcal


A cheap alternative to the Ben & Jerry’s version but tastes exactly the same.

mint choc

#6 Tesco – Mint Chocolate – £2.00 – 480ml – 710 Kcal


Not much of a fan of mint chocolate but took a gamble and surprisingly wasn’t disappointed.  

# The Spar Range

#7 Spar – strawberry cheesecake – £2.00 – 480ml – 770 Kcal


The Spar range I actually have found to taste better but either way it really comes down to what is closer to you.

spar icecream

#8 Spar – Chocolate Fudge Brownie  – £2.00 – 480 ml  – 633 Kcal (Calorically speaking, the lowest one)


Calorically speaking, this yields the least. Tastes great and is more like a small snack leading up to the big meal.


#9 Spar – Caramel Shortcake – £2.00 – 500ml – 856 Kcal (Calorically speaking, highest of the range)

This was so good, I wish it didn’t have to end. An extra 20ml, highest in calories without compromising your daily budget.

#10 Spar – Cookie dough – £2.00 – 480ml – 758 Kcal

A great alternative to the Ben & Jerry’s brand.

As a rule of thumb, look for grocery brands i.e (Tesco, Spar, Asda). In the ingredients it should say ‘partially reconstituted skimmed milk powder’ and finally check the nutrition content. If each scoop or 100ml is roughly between 140-150 calories then you’re good to go, make your way to the checkout.

Using this strategy, I no longer crave Ben & Jerry’s. I’d rather make the smarter choices.

fan of icecream gif

Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll show you where to get low calorie cheesecake.

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