Should I go to the gym if I am sick?

Should I cut/train when I’m sick?


So you’ve been dieting week in week out, you’ve been training hard. You keep making progress and nothing looks like it can get in your way.


Then one day you wake up, you feel like crap, head pounding, body sweating buckets and you have 0 appetite.

food poisoning

Sucks right?….


Now I have my own strategy which I myself have found to be the most effective in getting back on track, with that being said one way doesn’t work for all, every person has their own way of dealing with shii….


Some of you will keep cutting and will keep training, pushing through all the pain because it will make you feel stronger (mentally). Whilst others will either give up or tone it down a notch.


Fair play to you all, mate if you do choose to keep pushing bear in mind that being in a caloric deficit already puts your body under a lot of stress, so training and cutting will only make recovering take that extra bit longer.


Let’s call this person,  ‘A’,


A – he doesn’t see obstacles he sees the finish line and does whatever it takes to get there. His ship is headed for impending doom but he doesn’t care.


Some of us give in – ‘Person B’ – Will give up, a pattern that can be seen throughout their life.


B -You see, as humans we naturally want to choose the path of least resistance. Robert Fritz, the author of this book says that in any given situation we gravitate towards what we know; what has been tried & tested because that is what is true for us, so we always choose the easiest way out.


So person B will get sick and he will use that as an excuse to skip the gym and skip his nutrition because it’s the easiest way, why? Because they have done that all their life.


Person B jumps ships the first chance he gets…

jump ship

Now we have our two types of people, I am going to introduce another type:


Person C –


C- Skips a workout because they actually feel like crap and they need to stay in bed. However, they continue to go on the other days because they feel up to it.  They also eat to maintenance because their body is already under a lot of stress from the deficit so they want to ensure they can recover as soon as possible.


C – can see the obstacles but knows how to navigate around ensuring he reaches his final destination the safest way.

My experience


Now, I rarely get sick but when I do, everything but the kitchen sink gets thrown at me. I mean I’m so sick I can’t move without making it worse.


So each time,  I do the same thing. I skip a workout and if I am able, I eat to maintenance but if I have 0 appetite I fast 24 hours.


A 24 hour fast can help eliminate toxins from your body which can help to eliminate future illnesses. It aids the digestive system to repair itself – this is more important if you get food poisoning.


In turn, it helps me to consume loads of water. Research has shown drinking more water is highly beneficial as it improves cognitive functioning, eliminates toxins, increases energy levels, improves mood and headaches etc…


In addition, by eating at maintenance I make sure my body has the correct amount of energy to do everything it can to restore me back to 100%. If I have no appetite then I try to make sure I get in a bowl of vegetables with plenty of protein and a portion of fruit. This ensures I preserve my lean muscle whilst still getting in plenty of vitamins without having to force myself.


Following this, I usually am back in the gym, cutting the following day or two.


You see, the point I’m trying to make is a more lifestyle approach is more beneficial. Some people like to blow full steam ahead, however it isn’t necessary. Human beings are the only species that actually go against what their bodies are telling them.  


Skipping a day of working out or not eating at a deficit isn’t going to make the blindest bit of difference, because you would still have been in a deficit longer than you were in a surplus.


A lifestyle approach is far easier to follow. Gym and nutrition should come secondary to overall health.


I hope this aids in your recovery.


That’s all folks




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