Do I lose muscle if I miss my protein?

Picture this: you’re at your calorie budget. You ate everything you wanted but when you checked your MyFitnessPal, you saw you didn’t get in your protein.

IMG-20160630-WA0011.jpg (1)



So you either do one of two things.


You go over your calories to get your protein in because you don’t want to lose any muscle.




You think screw it and you decide to take the risk anyway, despite the alarm bells ringing in your head.


You wake up the next day and start checking yourself out to see if you’ve lost gains. Nothing there. You proceed to step on the scale and your weight has dropped, of how much is muscle, who knows! You check your waist and that has also gone down.


So what happened…?


Well, although your muscles are in a catabolic state from the deficit, missing protein for a day doesn’t really matter. It’s what you do over the course of the week/month. That’s what truly matters.


But still you want to know, well, test your strength at the gym. Has it drastically decreased, say a couple of kg or 5lbs?


Side note – It’s important to note that a decrease in strength usually does occur during dieting, for me usually around 5th or 6th week into my cut.


In addition to that, if you’ve only lost a couple of reps on certain sets then you’re probably ok as this could be down to a number of things such as inadequate sleep, water, carbohydrates etc.



muscle loss blog

If you did, I wouldn’t worry. Muscle memory is a real thing – as quick as you lost it that’s how quick you can regain it back.

muscle memory

So even if you did lose a bit of muscle, you can almost certainly rebuild it back in no time.

gain train

All aboard the ‘Gain Train’, next stop ‘Gain City’


You feel me homie?

Until next time



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