Snacks to get you ripped

Low calorie snacks…

If, like me, you want to snack but you don’t want to waste your calories then this is the guide for you.

You see, I like to eat light in the day so that I can slam a massive meal at night because I can’t sleep when I’m hungry.

The problem with always being out & about is that so much food is so calorically dense that it makes it a pain to snack on foods. For example,  a Mars bar is 250 calories, in fact, most chocolate bars are over 200 calories and I like to eat light and use my calories sparingly.


A couple of chocolate bars and I’ve already eaten 500-750 calories. Three chocolate bars isn’t sufficient in getting me to my big at the end of the day; therefore, through trial & error, I have compiled a list of low calorie snacks which are all under 200 calories including chocolate bars.


#1 Chilli Milli – Asda – 70 calories – 29p


#2 Nature Valley popcorn bar – Tesco – 95 calories – under £1

nature valley

#3 Propercorn – Tesco – 120 calories – under £1


#4  Chewitts – Sainsburys – 115 calories – under £1


#5 Apple – anywhere – 80 calories – under 50p


#6 Fudge – Tesco – 114 calories – 25p


#7 Curly Wurly – Tesco – 118 calories – under 50p

curly wurly

#8 Chewing gum – anywhere – negligible calories – 50p

chewing gum

These rockets have made dieting a piece of piss for me. Being a student on a budget,  making wise choices both financially and calorically speaking, is the key for me.


I hope this helps you on your journey!





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