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The stuff fitness blogs don’t talk about.

In this blog I have written about the diet hacks I have picked up along the way, I’ve never been the healthiest eater but I have found ways of curbing my cravings during periods of dieting, ensuring that I never go over the deficit or at least don’t ‘cheat’.

I hope you find something useful that will help you on your journey. Our actual site is currently under construction so in the meantime this is our temporary site.

With that being said, have a look around and if you enjoy anything on this page please do share, like and follow!

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Born and raised in High Wycombe, a small town in Buckinghamshire. Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to get out of my small town and explore what the world had to offer. It’s been my dream to work, play and study in London.

An unorthodox approach to university is the best way to describe how I eventually ended up in London.

I got offered a place at Goldsmiths, University of London on a foundation course in Computing with option to progress on to Computer Science. But as life would have it, I discovered that I didn’t like mathematics or programming. I knew I was in trouble as I encroached exam time. I studied my ass off and scraped through. I then switched to BA Journalism because I knew I could achieve a good grade and not stress out from not knowing what I am doing!

So that’s me. I have just completed my final year of university, so glad that’s over and done with. So over it. In this time, I discovered a lot about myself and for the first time I know that I want to be a blogger that experiences new things, travels the world, and to be honest just tries to have as much fun as possible.

My favourite blogger is Mariano Di Vaio.

I also like to do pieces of creative writing which you can see on my Instagram page : sharwrites_

Hobbies: Football, fashion, writing, travelling, working out.

Currently working towards becoming ISSA (international sports science association) certified.


Hi there,

I’m new to blogging so not entirely sure what to talk about but firstly I’ll start off with telling you a bit about myself.

I’m a Psychology graduate who’s still trying to figure out what I want to do and currently exploring 3 different paths (teaching, health, forensic/criminology) to get a rough idea of what my cup of tea is!

I love makeup and beauty products (from mascaras to oil serums to body butters etc.), so will hopefully be doing a few reviews of new products that I test out as I go along as well as my all time favourites.

I’ve always had a passion for photography and took it up for A-level. It’s something I haven’t done in a while now but aim to start it up again once I’ve got my new camera.

I’ve been slowly getting into fitness. Fitness is something I’ve always wanted to be on top of but lacked the means to get there, so it’s also one of my biggest challenges that I dream to conquer, with any luck, this year!

Finally, I love watching films and TV shows, particularly soaps, Made in Chelsea, crime dramas and documentaries. I’m also a keen animal lover and own a cat and fish. I’ve previously owned rabbits and pigeons too. I aim to start volunteering at a local animal shelter/farm in my spare time.


So that’s a brief summary about me and my aspirations


Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts 🙂






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