Why I intermittent fast

Why I intermittent fast…

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If, like me you have demolished an 18” pizza, a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, garlic bread and mozzarella sticks all in one episode of Game of Thrones and you still had room for more, then you know the struggle.

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I have an outrageous appetite and as a result, in the past it led to overconsumption which inherently led to weight gain.


Me ballooning up to 190lbs was the tipping point for me. I stood on the scale and looked in the mirror and I had enough. However, I have always liked to eat big meals. So from a dieting standpoint, eating less just didn’t appeal to me despite my physique at the time.


That’s where it all began. I had been watching ‘The Hodgetwins’ religiously and stumbled on their video about intermittent fasting, from there I discovered Martin Berkhan leangains and thus began implementing it into my lifestyle.

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It worked wonders. I was losing weight, I felt great in the mornings mentally alert and my workouts were better than ever; however, it was unsustainable for me because the Leangains protocol is broken down into windows, an eating schedule. Either 16:8 (16 hour fast, 8 hour eating window) or 18:6 (18 hour fast, 6 hour eating window). I’ve never been good at following rules and I am only human so what would happen if I was starving and I had all my calories, I’d either torture myself or end up eating more.


That’s where the problem was. I loved fasting and loved eating big but didn’t like how rigid the eating schedule was. Sometimes I couldn’t eat during the eating window because I was busy working and just didn’t get time or I was going out for a meal with friends way past my eating window.


It was roughly around then where I discovered Kinobody. The author, Greg O’Gallagher, has a different strategy; still intermittent fasting but the eating window went out the window, mind the pun.

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His strategy was far more simple, you simply fast the first 4-8 hours after waking up and then eat your calories till bedtime, setup to suit your needs. Meaning if you are someone like me that gauges each day on what time to eat, then this was going to be far more ideal as a lifestyle.


Say, for example, if I know I’m going out with friends at 9-10pm for a meal then I’ll just eat lighter in the day and save all my calories for around that time whereas if my eating window was 8pm I would be screwed. I’d either skip the dinner or go and not eat anything, which would annoy me more. The diet would become brutal because I couldn’t go out with friends and enjoy myself which in the long run would only damage me further leading to bingeing.     


So that’s my backstory on how I found it. I’ve explained I like to eat big meals because I have a huge appetite and dieting becomes far more brutal if you can only eat 1800 calories a day, which means small meals, you’re constantly thinking about food and always pining for the end result and when you do get there you start eating more all over again and you balloon right back up.


However, with intermittent fasting, I push my first meal back to around 3pm and I have a small meal with more protein so that I can have carbs and fats later which not only help me sleep but help me feel full and satisfied.


A typical day of eating for me looks like this:


Black coffee in the morning around 10 am – 

Flickr – Katherine Lim



Sparkling water throughout the fast

Flickr  – Jeremiah. Andrick

Black coffee again around 1pm


An apple at 2pm – 

Flickr – adrianbartel



A high protein meal roughly around 500-600 calories – 3pm

Flickr – Karendotcom127

Sparkling water from now to around 6pm(ish)


A small 100 calorie snack

Flickr – shashi bellam konda

A massive meal around 8 or 9pm (1100 -1200 calories)

1200 calories.jpg

And maybe an apple or some blueberries before bed around 11-12am


I have been able to lean down effortlessly using this strategy using AFL2.0, a kinobody course.

The biggest thing I learned from intermittent fasting and dieting in general is being intuitive with my body; knowing when I am full and when I am under, maintaining my weight and having an overall better relationship with food.


I am now able to control my appetite as well as psychologically trick my mind when dieting so that I feel like I am eating more which only ensures I adhere to my calories.


People always ask what is the best diet? It’s simple, the one you enjoy. 

So go out and enjoy yourself, have some ice cream because everyone loves ice cream.

look at her:

Flickr – Maks Karochkin


Alright chief, that’s all from me.


– S    


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